Get in on the BLUE whale craze!

4+ days of steady and consistent BLUE whale sightings, Newport Beach CA. Yesterday was so good, we didn’t even stop to look at fin whales unless they came close to us while we were waiting for another blue whale surface. At one point, we were triangulated by 3 blue whales all within a few hundred feet of one another. What a day! Our 2 private tours yesterday with Capt. Nick had spectacular sightings: 1130a – 4 blue whales, 4 fin … Read More

Memorial Day weekend – Bring on the BLUES!

It was a fantastic weekend of whale watching with Captain Nick in Newport Beach. Sightings included multiple whales on all trips including fin whales, minke whales, and giant BLUE WHALES! The last 3 days have seen very consistent sightings of blue whales on all trips. Tours have seen 1-3 blue whales plus fin whales, as these whales have settled in on the abundant krill in our local waters off Newport Beach, CA. Our summertime ‘big whale program’ is ahead of … Read More

Predicting an early Blue whale season with record numbers!

April and May, 2024, have seen some of the best whale sightings in years dominated by numerous fin whales. Almost the entire month of April, typically dedicated to covering shallow water close to the beach looking for migrating gray whale cow/calf pairs, saw impressive numbers and consistency of fin whales further off the coast. May is transitioning very well with continued fin whale sightings foraging on krill. We are beginning to see our ‘BIG WHALE’ season taking form ahead of … Read More