“As owner and founder of East Meets West Whale Watching, our goal is to take you on an epic journey, tantalize your curiosity and help you come alive with nature. You can expect a new experience every time you join us, and I guarantee we will challenge your ocean wildlife aptitude. Come book with us today. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Captain Nick, Certified Naturalist
There is not a time of day that we routinely see more whales and dolphins than another; all times are very good. That being said, we do prefer earlier in the day. Mornings are our favorite time of day because sea conditions are usually smoothest. Calm seas allow us more than just comfort - they allow us no hindrance in speed or direction of our pursuits to find you the best wildlife. We are fortunate to have predominantly mild weather in Newport Beach, and many afternoons are delightfully smooth. Afternoons are more susceptible to the possibility of breezy conditions.
Yes, we guarantee you will see whales and/or dolphins or your next trip is on us. Though we boast a very high success rate (of the 900+ tours we run each year, we can count on 1 hand the number of tours that have no sightings), and we strive to show you the most marine wildlife on all of our tours, these are wild mammals traveling up to 100 miles in a day through an ever changing ecosystem. They are not our pets and they do not stay in the same spot as much as we would like them to. Our guarantee to you is if we do not see whales and/or dolphins on your trip, your next tour is free (no expiration, redeem anytime).
NO! You are more likely to suffer sea sickness or motion sickness when riding on larger boats versus our smaller stabilized vessel. Large boats pitch and roll slowly, which is what triggers being sick. Our smaller 26’ vessel responds quickly to ocean conditions, reducing potential for motion sickness, combined with our Seakeeper vessel stabilizer which reduces side to side movement up to 92%, and we have nearly eliminated the chances of getting sea sick. There is also what we refer to as the ‘domino effect’ - when one person gets sick on the larger boats it triggers everyone susceptible to motion sickness. We are NOT immune to motion sickness, though percentages are near zero, if you have a history of motion sickness, best to be proactive and take something just in case.

If operator must cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, guests will be given the option to receive a full refund or ability to reschedule to another day/time.

We are not wheelchair accessible - there are 2 larger steps onto our dock and a step on/off of our boat. If a person is semi mobile out of the wheelchair with assistance of the crew, we would love to have you join us. Once on the boat, we have very comfortable seating for you to enjoy the tour.

We always recommend consulting your doctor first and foremost. We have consulted many specialists on this matter, and the answer is YES, you can go whale watching as long as you are in your first or second trimester. Those in their third trimester are NOT allowed - best to be cautious once showing. The dolphins and whales will eagerly welcome you back post birth.

Please consult your physician regarding your particular situation. There are a multitude of injuries that likely would be harmless to be on a boat with. Though our sea conditions are very mild most of the time, it can occasionally be bumpy on the water - risk of re injuring or doing more harm is and should be avoidable. Anyone suffering a back injury, spinal trauma, post back surgery, etc. should not be on any boat until fully healed with doctor’s authorization.

Yes, of course! We have a range of sizes to comfortably fit infants to adults. All children under the age of 13, by law must wear a life jacket at all times when on the boat. A full set of USCG approved life jackets are stowed on the boat at all times. If you are 13 years of age or older, and would like to wear a life jacket, please request one from the crew and we will happily accommodate.

Unfortunately not, we cannot accommodate groups of more than 6 persons despite size or age per USCG regulations. We are terribly sorry and wish we could accommodate larger groups but we do not make the rules. We do have to abide by them. No exceptions.

Yes, upon making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email that lays out all of the important details prior to your trip regarding address, meeting location, where to park, restrooms, how to dress, food/drink policy, etc. It is very informative, we highly recommend reading it entirely.

Best to dress warmly. Everyone should bring an extra jacket or sweater beyond what you think you will need. It is chillier on the water and the wind chill when traveling to the wildlife can be brisk. Best to be prepared with an extra layer or two if you need.

Yes and yes. Our public tours (mixing of groups at per person pricing to fill 6 seats) has a minimum age requirement of 6. However, our private group tours (solely your group on the boat) do NOT have any age restrictions. All groups with children under 6 must book the private group tour so we can customize the tour solely for your group without the need to take others into consideration.

We unfortunately do not allow food on our tours anymore - being on the ocean going fast to find you the best wildlife opportunities is not conducive to food/eating. We go out of our way to deliver the best sightings and most fun on your tour. We do not want to cut your trip short because food flew everywhere and have to clean up before the next group . We understand that kids may need a snack, and in this situation food is ok. We only ask that make it a ‘neat/non messy’ snack such as carrot sticks or apple slices.

Yes and yes. You are welcome to bring beverages of any kind on the boat. Our 3 requests to be mindful of:

    1. Avoid glass bottles (they can break and hurt someone).
    2. No red wine (badly stains the boat).
    3. Drink responsibly.

There is not a bathroom on the boat. There is a restroom next to our dock that everyone uses prior to departure. For at sea emergencies, we have a few options for guests that work well but the amenities are minimal.

Our 26’ custom built catamaran is a very dry ride when cruising, rarely experiencing any water spray. Depending on sea conditions, there is a slight chance of infrequent spray. Our expert captains will keep you comfortable and dry.

Yes, but there are a few requirements necessary.

    • We require all guests wanting to use their drone to book the VIP Private Group Tour. This is for safety measures and allows us to customize the tour based on your goals as a photographer.
    • You must be appropriately licensed based on your flying intent. These are federal drone laws mandating drone operators to obtain their recreational 44809 or Commercial Drone License Part 107.

All of our regularly scheduled tours departing daily are 2 hours long. We do offer Extended Private Whale and Dolphin Watching tours of 4, 6, and 8 hours by special request. Please text/call us at 949-201-5650 for pricing and availability to schedule an extended tour.

We are completely spoiled here in Southern California boasting opportunities year round to see whales and dolphins. Understanding these whales movements and why they are frequenting the waters off Newport Beach (feeding, migrating, breeding) is vital.

January - April is our gray whale migration, peeking in February and March.

April is the month to view mom and baby pairs migrating close to shore north bound to Alaska. Outside of the gray whale migration, we have opportunities to see feeding whales (blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales, and minke whales).

Blue whales are focused on from May - October.

Fin, Humpback and minke whales can be seen year round when concentrations of anchovies and krill are prime.

Our favorite months for humpback whales are September through December.

Yes, we are dog friendly on our Private Charter tours.

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